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PROMPT – Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets is a holistic and dynamic approach that incorporates the use of organized and systematic tactile (touch) input to the oral musculature to facilitate and/or improve speech production. It is a highly effective method for children with motor speech disorders. 

Articulation – Articulation or speech sound disorders refers to sound production and the way a child produces sounds and words. Articulation therapy facilitates improved speech and intelligibility. 

Feeding – Feeding therapy is used to help children who have difficulty chewing, feeding, or swallowing food. A Speech Language Pathologist  will help determine the source of the child’s difficulties and will develop a plan and provides treatment. Feeding issues impact speech production and is an important part of a treatment plan. 

Expressive/Receptive Language – Children may have difficulty expressing themselves verbally or understanding (receptive) language. These areas include: language processing, oral narrative development, narrative skills, grammar, reading, writing, spelling and auditory comprehension. 

Speech Consultations/Evaluations – Speech and language skills are assessed though a formal or informal evaluation. Brief screenings or consultations are also available. 

Guest Lectures – Please feel free to contact me for more information on guest lecturing in your school or for your organization.  

Telepractice – online delivery method of speech and language therapy. Services are conducted in real time to create an in person experience similar to that achieved by face to face therapy. 

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