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Lavinia Pereira worked for our family in Greenwich, Connecticut both at school and at home with our son Sebastian who is on the Autistic spectrum. She also works with my nephew's son in New York City. Lavinia is not only a consummate professional, but she comes with great experience in the ABA field.  She is loving, caring and passionate about her work with young people with special needs. Her dedication and positivity have been so incredibly helpful in Sebastian’s growth. We believe her talent for making all projects fun engaged him and motivated him to move forward. My wife Dee and I highly recommend her to any family!   


Tommy Hilfiger    



Our twin boys were diagnosed with apraxia at 3 years old. We were told they may never speak. PROMPT therapy was recommended along with a voice communication device. This is when we found Lavinia and our boys found their voice. From our first session we knew Lavinia was different. She had a unique approach and was adamantly against starting with a communication device.  She asked if we would give her some time to work with the boys before any additional intervention.  That’s when miracles began to happen. Their first sounds lead to their first words, and eventually complete sentences. It was Lavinia’s dedication and persistence and caring nature that really set her apart.

Not only is Lavinia an exceptionally gifted clinician and an expert in her field, but her ability to connect with our children on such a deep emotional level created a therapeutic environment based on trust, confidence and compassion.  Our boys are now entering high school and thriving academically and socially.  If it wasn’t for Lavinia, they would not be the successful young men they are today.

Jennifer & Anthony Nappo

I highly recommend Lavinia to anybody looking for a speech pathologist. With 3 children and 3 different issues, Lavinia tailored a program for each child that was specific to his/her issue and personality. My children enjoyed their sessions with Lavinia and viewed them more like play dates and less like work. Friends, family, teachers can’t believe how clear and articulate my children speak. Apart from being unbelievably knowledgeable, Lavinia was always energetic, on time and thoughtful.  I can’t say enough good things. Lavinia is the best!



I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Lavinia for 15+ years. Her ability to not only develop a bond with the kids she works with but also be a highly effective speech therapist is very rare to find in one person.  As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I have worked with many types of kiddos over the years that have various speech and language needs. Lavinia has so many tricks and tools that make me refer to her as a magician and I want her to work with all the kids that I work with. Her clients can’t wait to get into session with her as they know they will be having tons of fun and feel proud of themselves for working so hard. Lavinia also plays a significant role in the family’s life. Her passion and dedication for the kids she sees doesn’t end when the child leaves her sessions.  She not only helps families come up with fun ways to practice all of the skills she has taught at home for generalization purposes but she also helps families on a more global basis, guiding them in any way that she can. I can’t say enough about Lavinia Pereria. She is literally THE best around.  –


Meredith B Greenwald, MA, BCBA, LBA

I recommend Lavinia highly to families with children who have any speech needs. In 2018, my 11-year old son started seeing Lavinia due to stuttering.  Lavinia was very kind in her approach and rather than being authoritative, her style was a source of comfort to my son. My son was looking forward to his weekly sessions with Lavinia and he truly opened up with her as to his anxieties that impeded his speech.   I believe that a relaxed and comfortable dynamic between a speech pathologist and a patient is key to effective treatment as it allows for a connection that leads to better results for the child.  After Lavinia effectively diagnosed his speech issues, she taught him how to apply the appropriate “go-to strategies on the fly”.  We are thankful to Lavinia to this very day. My child has not seen her for the past 12 months but I must say that she empowered him to believe in himself and to remember to use the strategies for speech fluency.  Lavinia did not offer a magic bullet (if this even exists) to my son’s speech issues but rather effectively taught my son that he has the resources within himself to correct the problem.   The empowerment and the strategies have resulted in a very positive outcome for my son.  



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